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The State of Victoria has become more diverse with many new emerging communities which are not generally homogenous. The Family and Youth Foundation is cognizance of the facts that there is a large population of African Youth at Risk and from a disadvantage families and have no ability to access services necessary for their transition to a better and responsible lives. With such a trend, it is becoming more evident that we should work closely for better integration and participation of our young people in the community and at workplaces. We believed it is community responsibility to guide the young. 

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"We believe all human can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world."


Committed to defending freedom by taking responsibility

Foster an inclusive and supportive environment for the young African Australian through education, sports and work

Promote diversity initiatives and a culture of mutual tolerance of others’ views

Foster cultural transformation by educating the youth about the best cultural practices of Australia

Youth mentoring and empowerment initiatives

Community Development initiatives such as helping disadvantage families with their teenagers


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